Ducks in a Row

It takes a lot for me to think of someone as a hero. My Mum has been such an ever-present epitome of decency, kindness, patience, and love that it kind of takes a lot to impress me (apologies to the rest of the world).

I do have a few though.

Anne McCaffrey.

Johnny Clegg.

And Stephanie.

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee that is, you know… the Yarn Harlot.


Having a Hero

She is, in fact, pretty heroic.  She’s all those amazing things so many of you seem to be able to manage with ease: a mother, a wife, an aunt, a grandma, a friend… but she is far more than that.

She is a knitter and a spinner. She writes books, gives talks, teaches classes.  She has a blog which has got to be the best blog on the PLANET, not just in Canada.

I mean honestly, she makes it look easy.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I know it’s not easy. I know she must spend hours and days and months to write those books, and perfect those classes – she is genuinely funny and a fabulous teacher.  But still, from where I am sitting, right or wrong, she makes it look easy.

And then, just when you think she’s really the whole package…she ups the ante.

She not only rides a bike…

not only rides a bike in a RALLY (I mean in public, around other people!!)…

but she rides her dagum bike in a SIX DAY rally supporting HIV/AIDS.

Think about that!  She rides 372 miles, from Toronto to Montreal, over 6 days in AUGUST!  Remember August, the month that makes you want to completely avoid the outdoors to you can still breathe?  Yes, that’s when she is out on her bike all day long. (and did I mention they all sleep in tents at night?)

Connecting with a Hero

And even if you do have a hero it’s not always easy to genuinely connect with them.

I always meant to write a fan letter to Anne McCaffrey, but then she died.  And what could I really have said that would have deep and lasting meaning for her?  “You are the only reason I survived adolescence.” True, but honestly, did she really need to know that?

I would dearly love to confer to Johnny Clegg how much his music has meant to me – how it puts me to sleep at night, and wakes me up the morning.  But while this is VITALLY and ESSENTIALLY important to me, I doubt it would register very high on his personal Richter Scale.

But my hero Stephanie makes connecting easy.

By not just riding in the rally, but by helping to run the thing she shows where her heart lies, and provides me with a perfect vehicle to showing her my undying devotion.  There are so many, many, many things in this world that could be made better. She is an amazing example of how ONE person can make a huge, huge difference.  And I love that she gives me, and all the others who love and cherish her, a simple effective way to make a difference with and for her.

I made a donation, and I offered some Karmic Balancing Gifts.

I think you should, too.



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