Fibers of Mass Destruction

So, imagine you were wandering through a fiber festival touching the fibers, sniffing the sheep, loving the shawl pins, the drop spindles and the yarn bowls and suddenly- out of the mist of yarn fumes you saw this:

Wouldn’t you want to buy it? I mean, based on the name alone I was hooked!!

“Ruthlessly blended” and “Handle with extreme care.” I was hooting!

Then I saw the names of the fiber colors – and my heart skipped a beat.  How incredibly clever and fun, and…dangerous?

How on earth can you make sheep’s fiber – one of the softest, warmest, and least harmful things in the world sound DANGEROUS? One super fun way to do that is to give them names like this:


And it was packaged so you couldn’t touch it.  As if even a touch with an inquisitive finger might mean a visit to a plastic shrouded hospital room with grave men and women in bright yellow plague suits shuffling around tutting…


Mummy for the win!

But, of course, there WAS some fiber on display that you could touch and it was the softest, sweetest Corriedale with accompanying fiber buddies – and I was pulling out my wallet…

When Mummy WON it in the raffle!

This has happened before.  It is true that I get to spin the best fibers because she wins it, or (shuffling feet and looking slightly sheepish) someone cleverly gives it to her for Christmas…

So, the Fibers of Mass Destruction came home with us.

I must admit I rather gloated over it for a few weeks, but as Tour de Fleece 2017 started to loom on my spinning horizon I began to contemplate…how did I want to spin it.

Mum said she wanted a scarf, but she isn’t really into super thin lace, she likes a scarf that is long and stout enough to really keep her warm, so a DK-sport weight would work best.  We knew that  7 ounces would never be enough, and after some discussion we decided to get some of the gray.  The gray is pure Corriedale and it shows up in each of the mixes.  We decided that I would spin the colors as one ply and the gray as the second ply.

The very friendly Ken at Homestead Hobbyist helped us order what we needed.

We need a plan!

It wasn’t until the gray actually arrived, right in the middle of the tour, that I decided that our spinning/plying plan was never going to work.

Weaving has taught me more about colors than I used to know, and it was clear that the light gray would dilute the color, rather than make it pop, so the plan was revised.

I spun the seven little fiber of destruction samples into little 150 yard long skeins (approximately).  See the transformation below!

I am so in love with these little beauties!

How could we use tiny balls of yarn to create serious pops of color?  We really didn’t want tiny blips of color, we wanted them to really sing.

We could do stripes of the color, but we really wanted them to stand out, and for the knit to be fun…then we had a brainwave – DIAGONAL! If we did the scarf on the diagonal, and worked the gray in simple garter, and the colors in a fun lace…And with that all our worries went away, we knew exactly what to do!

Mission Accomplished!

And here it is.








We are quite pleased with it.  Mummy’s idea of the idiot cord around the edge really pulled the whole thing together.  I really think it looks lovely on her.  (Yes, it’s true,  I promised not to use the picture of your face, Mum.  But honestly, you are so adorable I couldn’t help it!)

So it’s done, and so cheerful and very soft and warm. And just in time! Baby, it’s cold out there!



  1. This is sooooo beautiful and extremely inspiring! I am a spinner, not so great knitter. Is there a chance there might be a pattern that could get me started? Did you use German short rows? Just love it! And your mother is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Gail! Thanks so much! I am glad you like it! We didn’t use any short rows, it’s just knitted slanted (ie you delete one stitch on one end and increase one stitch on the other end of each row). I hadn’t really thought about writing up the pattern, it’s pretty simple! But I will talk to my BEAUTIFUL mother and see if we can come up with something. Thanks for asking!!

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