Privacy Policy

Effective Date:  July 5, 2013

This policy tells you how this website,, collects your data and what we do with it. The Internet is a wild and wooly thing, and as such changes all the time.  Since the way we collect or what we do with your data might change, please feel free to come back and visit this page any time you want to.  When we make changes, we will change the effective date at the top of the page so you know.  If you use this website you have agreed to accept this Privacy Policy as it is, and as it will be.

We collect and store information that you have voluntarily supplied to us while using the site or by responding to emails sent to you from the site. only sends email to people who have specifically “opted in” or told us that they don’t mind if we contact them via email.

There are two ways to purchase things from  If you buy a pattern, you are doing it through, and their privacy policy would kick in. This is where you can find Ravelry’s Privacy Policy.  If you buy yarn, fiber, or gifts this will come from the Crazy Sheep Ladies.  Here is their privacy policy.

We also collect data as you use that tells us what pages you use, and how long you hung out there. We do this through Google Analytics, which is a great web analytics service that we highly recommend.  They use “cookies,” which are non-fattening text files that are placed on your computer to help the website analyze how you use our site.  The information that is generated by the cookie is sent to Google Analytics so they can do their magic and tell me what you LOVE about the site, and what you aren’t all that impressed with.  This theoretically helps me make the site better. It probably won’t surprise you to learn that there is also a Google  Privacy Policy.

As you surely must know in this day and age, whenever you put your personal information on the web it can go sideways when used by third parties (meaning once it goes beyond  We do what we can to mitigate this by only using companies that we like and trust.  We cannot be held responsible for unauthorized use, so let’s hope it doesn’t happen.

You will notice that often provides you with links to other websites.  We do this to help you find things you need, see another opinion, get more information, or see pretty pictures.  We don’t have the privacy policies of each and every one of the sites we share with you.  We only share things we like and trust and expect you to know that we can’t be responsible if they screw up somehow.

You should also be aware that if some suit shows up with legal paperwork and demands your info we are gonna give it to them so fast your head will spin.  We try hard to follow all the laws as best we can (that’s why you are getting to read this nifty Privacy Policy in the first place) and we expect you to do the same thing.

If you have any questions feel free to email us at Spinfoolish at Spinfoolish dot com, but honestly, this is about all we know about all this legal stuff.  Have a great day!


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